Wireless Monitoring System

What are wireless sensors?

Wireless sensors are measurement tools made up of transmitters, which convert the signals from process control instruments into radio transmission. This radio signal is interpreted by a receiver that then converts the wireless signal to a specific desired output, such as an analog stream.

Wireless Sensor Network

A wireless sensor network is based on devices (nodes) that are capable of obtaining information from their environment, processing it locally and communicating it through wireless links to a central coordination node.

The devices are self-contained units consisting of a microcontroller, a power source, a radio transceiver (RF), and a sensing element.

H2020 HERMES Project (2017-2018)

Inloc Robotics worked on the HERMES project during the years 2017 and 2018.

It was a H2020 European funded project for the development of smart and flexible freight wagons and facilities.

Sensores Biométricos

Wireless Monitoring System

Inloc was responsible for the development and design of the wireless monitoring system for improved transport of granular multi-materials.

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