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Manual Detection of Defects in Sewer Networks

What is SEWCAM?

SEWCAM is a system for detecting defects in sewer networks in a manual way and totally controlled by the user.

The user accesses the control interface where he can easily detect and add inspection data in the application.

SEWCAM allows sewerage network management companies to obtain objective data for planning and prioritizing investments, preventive, cleaning or maintenance works and thus avoid collapses, breaks or floods in times of rain.



Works with any browser


Download the video with the labels of the defects found


Results visualization. 6 types of reports in files


Customization of reports (logo, messages, …)


Private access to SEWCAM. Permissions for operator, manager, …


Full control and easy to use by the user

How does our platform work?

Step 1

The user registers in the web application

Step 2

We uploaded a video on Sewcam

Step 3

We detect defects manually

Step 4

View or download the results

User has full control when adding defects manually

SEWCAM website


The user interface is highly intuitive. After uploading video to the application, the manual analysis screen is accessed.

The screen is divided into two parts. On the one hand we find the video to be analyzed with the time controls, where we can move forward and backward to add defects in the desired position.

On the other hand, the defects found are displayed.

Who trusts us?

Our data

People covered
Minutes of video inspected
Km of sewer covered

Do you want to know more about SEWCAM?