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Water Innovation Day Award

Inloc Robotics wins the Water Innovation Day

On February 24, 2022, the Water Innovation Day was celebrated. A conference around the most important technological innovations and R&D projects for the sustainable use of water in Catalonia.

Companies, research centers and universities met where they presented their technological projects, and where Inloc Robotics presented the KTMS project, which aims to develop kite-based navigation systems.

The day had two different blocks. The first consisted of an elevator pitch in the R&D area followed by a presentation. Raúl Alonso from Inloc Robotics participated in this first part with the KTMS project. Subsequently, a second Digital elevator pitch block was opened with a presentation as well.

Water Innovation Day

Water Innovation Day

And the winner for the best R&D project was Inloc Robotics and its KTMS project, which has European support with the Galatea program.

This project aims to reduce energy consumption in ships thanks to the use of technology and advanced digitization.

From Inloc Robotics we want to congratulate the finalists of the event. The Agualearn project directed by Amphos21 and the Vivaldi project, where the Autonomous University of Barcelona participates.

And of course, thank the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP), the Catalan water cluster, which held the Water Innovation Day.

Catalan Water Partnership

Catalan Water Partnership

And if you are interested in learning more about the KTMS project, which we are working on at Inloc Robotics, or our services SEWDEF y SEWCAM, I leave you the link below where you can contact us and ask us more about it.

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