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Connected systems to improve efficiency

Industry 4.0

With the flourishing of Industry 4.0, various companies and factories faced the challenge of process automation and digitization. We offer monitoring and control systems that complement automation and digitization allowing a significant improvement in efficiency.


There is a lack of knowledge for the location and navigation of autonomous robots, especially in buried facilities. We offer the design of custom algorithms that provide precise 3D location of mobile devices.

Sistemas de control

Control systems

We design and implement monitoring and control systems with sensors and actuators, processors, software and signature, as well as communication between integrated systems and a server.

Vision por computador

Computer Vision

We develop customized computer vision applications, specially designed to detect and identify characteristics of a given process and provide information for decision making.

Diseño de algoritmos

Algorithm Design

Algorithmic in general, programming and execution in the general field of automatic control. The particular application of these algorithms will boost your research or engineering projects.



Development of solutions and products in the field of Information Technology such as firmware and drivers, data processing, cloud integration or user interface programming.


Development of location algorithms based on non-linear probabilistic optimization methods

Implementation of sensors for sediment monitoring in sewer pipes

Implementation of new sensors for the monitoring of sediment from sewer pipes

Development and design of a wireless monitoring system to improve the transport of granulated material

Implementation of algorithms based on computer vision to help doctors establish a correct diagnosis of patients

Integration and development of biometric sensors for adaptation of the environment through lights and sounds depending on biometric readings


Our location algorithms, based on the latest methods published in the literature as well as methods specially designed for each particular problem, will provide your devices with an accurate location in 3D.

In addition, we have extensive experience in algorithms and navigation methods that will allow your robots to acquire the skills to navigate autonomously, including advanced obstacle detection techniques.


If you want to know more about our SEWDEF system or services in engineering projects, do not hesitate to contact us.