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Automatic Detection of Defects in Sewer Networks

What is SEWDEF?

SEWDEF is an automatic detection system for defects in sewer networks based on artificial intelligence and computer vision that analyzes the videos of the sewer network in search of defects.

In use since 2017, SEWDEF is the first industrial solution worldwide, which solves the need for innovation, raised by EurEau (European Association of Supply and Sanitation Management Entities) and AEAS (Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation), of apply artificial intelligence to asset management.

SEWDEF allows sewerage network management companies to obtain objective data for the planning and prioritization of investments, preventive, cleaning and maintenance work to avoid collapses, breakages or floods in times of rain.

The system detects 16 types of defects classified into 4 subgroups – structural defects, capacity defects, structural elements and others – also providing an assessment of the condition of the inspected section.

In this way, infrastructure managers will be able to obtain objective information on the state of the sewerage network and its temporal evolution in order to know its rate of degradation in order to plan and prioritize preventive maintenance actions.



Works with any browser


Integrable with client platforms


Results visualization. 6 types of reports in files


Customization of reports (logo, messages, …)


Private access to SEWDEF. Permissions for operator, manager, …


Easy to use and fully automated

How our platform works

Step 1

Log into the web application

Step 2

Upload videos for your analysis

Step 3

View or download the results

The system is easy to use without the need for configuration or customization



The user interface is highly intuitive. The user accesses the web application, uploads a video for analysis and, after the processing time, views the result!

The system provides information on the defect code, type of defect and its position together with the image of the defect. In addition, it also provides defect statistics. The results report can be customized with logos, messages …

It also provides a condition rating (1 to 5) for each inspected pipe, both structurally and operationally.

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