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Autonomous Robots

ASIR Project (2018-2022)

Sensores Biométricos

Autonomous Robots


ASIR stands for Automated Sewing Inspection Robot. The aim of ASIR is to develop a working prototype of an automatic sewer inspection system.

That is englobing three main objectives:

  1. To develop an autonomous robot to allow much more frequent, efficient and safe inspection of the otherwise difficult-to-access areas inside sewage pipelines. The robot will include an algorithm that can navigate and control the robot platform in pipes with a diameter down to 20cm.
  2. To develop an AI vision solution for automatic diagnostics and annotation of the condition of a pipe system based on video from the robot.
  3. To develop an asset management system with big data to use the frequent inspection data with a time dimensional analysis and with GIS and other data to understand and minimise asset repair and maintenance costs.


Inloc main role is at objectives (2) for the automatic defects detection system, by adapting its DLDDS product to Danish standards, and (1) regarding the localization and autonomous navigation of the robot.

ASIR is funded by IFD in Denmark, being a joint research project from two Danish universities (Aalborg and SDU), three water supplies (Aarhus VandHOFOR and VandCenter Syd) and some technology companies including a sewer inspection company (FKSSlamson) a software service company (Envidan) and two robotics companies (TinyMobileRobots and Inloc). The project will run for three years and a half starting at November 2018 and has a total budget of 24M DKK; 13M DKK from the Innovation Fund


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