Telework tips by INLOC Robotics SL

The arrival of COVID-19 shocked society at all levels, which has led many companies to redefine themselves to boost telework. At INLOC Robotics we have long practice using this tool, and we would like to share our experience with you as well as some tips that may be useful to you.


Since the expansion fo teleworking in our era, many studies have appeared talking about its benefits in terms of improving the company’s productivity, reducing personal burnout or family reconciliation thanks to a more flexible schedule or even pollution reduction.

Despite the benefits, new problems arise due to the new paradigm. When working in our homes, the risk of not disconnecting or increasing sedentary lifestyle, causing physical problems such as back pain increases.

Telework tips by INLOC Robotics

Personal level advice

One of the problems with teleworking is the dificulty of disconnecting from work once the day is over. Working in the same place where everyday life takes place creates an union of those tow environments that we should avoid. One tip to lighten up this load is to prepare a room apart from our home for work.

This environment must have the right characteristics for you to feel comfortable while working. Each person has different tastes, but an example would be good lighting, nice and simple decor that stimulates concentration, and so on. By achieving this independent space, once the workday is over, it simplifies the disconnection when leaving the room.

Telework tips

It is common that in work focused on the computer, one may find it difficult to disconnect, unconsciously working too many hours in a row, causing a considerable increase in fatigue.

It is important to take breaks regularly, even using alarms to avoid forgetting these moments of disconnection.

Even more important is not to end up on another screen when resting, you should avoid grabbing your smartphone on those moments and exercise your eyesight by looking at the horizon, reducing vision problems. Another tip is to perform a series of small stretches during these breaks to avoid back pain.

Corporative level advice

In the company point of view, it is easy to lose team spirit, causing an isolation of the worker with the company that could harm the performance. It is important to maintain constant contact between workers to creating a familiar environment, although largely virtual. To achieve this goal, from INLOC Robotics, we recommend to hold regular online meetings (weekly or biweekly) for each company section/team where you talk about the work done per worker during this time. In this way, the disconnection of people from the work environment is avoided, encouraging team spirit. In the same way, newcomers find it easier to get to know their new coworkers.

Finally, it is important to arrange face-to-face meetings every so often, around one per month and a half or two. In the meetings you can talk about several topics such as a summary of the company’s milestone since the last meeting, conduct seminars that may be useful or interesting for the team, however the most important thing is to strengthen ties between workers.


We hope this article has been useful to you. If you have an engineering project in your hands and you think we can help you, here is the link where you can contact us and explain more about it.