Sewer video inspection

During the last years, and specially during the last couple of years due to the pandemic global restrictions, remote operations of the critical infrastructures has increased exponentially. Even the most traditional sectors have come to terms with the fact that we need to be able to control and operate remotely our main services in a crisis.

Thanks to the latest developments in communications and computing technologies, now we can increase these remote capabilities and most companies are certainly doing it.

And doing so, we gather valuable data that might be used to develop functional models that improve maintenance and forecasting.

The importance of video sewer inspections

However, at the end of the day, models are models, and even if they are very accurate, we need to know the real status of our infrastructure to ensure that the models will work.

When talking about sewer pipes, the best way of doing so is by using video sewer inspections.

Today we have the technology to perform such an inspection with modern cameras and sewer inspection robots that give us a detailed view of the real status of our sewer pipes. And we need those inputs since a big percentage of those said pipes are outdated or were installed a long time ago.

The sewer line video inspection will provide the necessary updated details that we need to feed the models to make sure that our decisions regarding the asset management are the right ones to minimize the risk of catastrophic failures.

How to reduce the cost of video pipeline inspection?

It is imperative to decide wisely where to put the investments to keep our sewer lines working properly since accidents are very costly. In terms of human health, ecological costs and potential damages in case of an accident.

The main problem to perform video inspection of sewer lines to prevent problems would be the sewer video inspection costs. To reduce drastically those cost in terms of money and man hours, we have developed an AI system that reduce dramatically the sewer video inspection cost and improves the results.

How does SEWDEF help you in video sewer inspection?

Our SEWDEF technology allow companies to improve the quality of the video sewer inspection, giving those inspections objectivity and consistency through time.

By using SEWDEF, you can automatically upload standard results to any management software in place (GIS, ERP, maintenance software, digital twin etc) and also use a friendly interface to keep your video sewer inspection report and raw videos in a cloud environment, accessible to all the relevant workers of your organization.

No more CD or USB storage devices will be needed. All your relevant data will be in one place and ready to use at any present or future time.


If you want to Know more about our SEWDEF system, do not hesitate to contact us.