Sewer maintenance

In this article, we are going to see the importance of sewer maintenance and the benefits of closed circuit television inspection.

While it may not get the attention that other parts of our infrastructure do, sewers play an important role in keeping our communities healthy and safe.

But before we get to this point, we are going to look at the causes of a ruptured sewer pipe and thus we are in the problems that arise.

What Causes a Sewer Pipe Break?

Tree roots: One of the most common causes of sewer line damage is tree roots. Once in contact with a sewer pipe, the roots of the trees begin to coil, clogging, weakening and even breaking the structure.

Corroded Pipes: Although steel and cast iron pipes are galvanized to prevent rust, these pipes still have a high risk of corrosion. If corrosion is not treated, it can leave the pipe susceptible to leaks and cracks.

Clogged pipes due to debris and foreign objects: Sewer lines can become clogged with accumulation of debris, creating a blockage.

Blowout: Overpressure can cause the pipe to burst.

Sewer pipe break
Sewer pipe break

Extreme temperatures: In cold climates with extreme temperatures, frozen pipes can rupture as a result of expanding ice. However, it’s not just cold weather that can cause pipes to break; Although unlikely, extreme heat can also cause pipes to burst.

Signs of sewer line damage

There are signs on a sewer line that clearly show us the location of a problem. They are typical to see an area of ​​road flooded with water or a bad smell, due to the sewage that comes to the surface.

But to avoid this type of situation, we will see below what we can do.

Sewer pipe break prevention

Closed circuit television (CTTV) sewer inspection is the process of using a camera to view the inside of sewer pipes. Images taken by the camera are recorded for later review.

CCTV cameras allow you to see and anticipate the causes of sewer problems without the need for such invasive methods as digging to access damaged pipes.

It is important to regularly conduct sewer line inspections to confirm that the sewer system is in good working order.

Sewer Inspection Benefits

And this is where INLOC Robotics launches SEWDEF. It is an automatic detection system for sewer network defects based on artificial intelligence and computer vision, which analyzes videos of the sewer network, previously recorded by CCTV, in search of defects.

These types of sewer inspections are the most cost-effective way to identify the location of sewer problems. The CCTV video camera helps to find the exact position of the damaged pipe.

With all this we quickly identify the problem and thus focus only on the damaged section, reducing the cost and time it takes to repair the pipe.

To know more about the SEWDEF system:

And to finish, comment that this system is respectful with the environment, since there is no excavation by the simple hypothesis that the problem is located at a certain point.

Conclusions of sewer line maintenance

Sewer line maintenance should be a priority for any municipality; it not only prevents costly repairs, but also ensures systems are operating properly and safely.

Without proper maintenance, these systems can easily become blocked, corroded, or damaged, which can cause significant disruption to the surrounding area.

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can help identify potential problems before they become serious, helping to protect against costly repairs down the road.

Investing in sewerage infrastructure is an investment in the health and safety of the community, which should always be a top priority.


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