Digital Water Summit

The IWA Digital Water Summit is an event that aims to be the benchmark in digitalization for the global water sector. It brings together stakeholders involved in the digitalisation of the water sector, with a focus on business and industry.

The summit features technical sessions, interactive discussions, exhibits, the InnoHub exhibition and social events, providing invaluable insights and fostering connections within the digital water community.

The 2023 edition took place in Bilbao, Spain, from November 14 to 16, and where INLOC ROBOTICS was present participating in the event with its SEWDEF platform.

Objectives of the International Water Association

The International Water Association (IWA) aims to promote smart, sustainable and equitable water management globally. It strives to connect water professionals from more than 140 countries, including scientists, researchers, technology companies, water and wastewater utilities and broader stakeholders involved in water management.

The association’s goals include inspiring change, promoting excellence and leadership in water management, and encouraging innovation and best practices.

Through its various programs, events and publications, the IWA seeks to contribute to sustainable urban and basin-related water solutions, digital water management and the advancement of best practices and international standards in the water sector.


CANAL DE ISABEL II and SEWDEF® presented a case study on leveraging AI in sewer CCTV inspections for cost-effective maintenance and advanced data-driven asset management.

Inspection and evaluation of the condition of the sewer network are vital for water companies to optimize the budget allocation for the renewal of their assets. However, this is an expensive process that requires specialized equipment and personnel. Not only is it labor intensive, but it is also prone to human error.

This is particularly significant for water companies such as Canal de Isabel II, the largest in Spain, which diagnoses its entire 15,000 kilometer sewer network every four years. Additionally, emerging global regulations demand improved sewer asset management.

It is anticipated that in the near future, mandates will require regular comprehensive inspections of infrastructure spanning thousands of kilometers, making current conventional diagnostic methods economically unfeasible.

Deep Learning, the most advanced technique within Artificial Intelligence, offers a more efficient diagnostic approach.

Using artificial intelligence-based sewer condition assessment software (SEWDEF®), CANAL de ISABEL II automated CCTV image analysis and damage report generation. Thus, a comprehensive view of the structural and functional state of the analyzed sewer network segment was obtained.

SEWDEF®-AI Presentation at IWA: Maximizing the Value of Sewer CCTV Inspections for Cost-Effective Maintenance

SEWDEF® serves as a comprehensive inspection management platform, powered by next-generation SEWDEF®-AI technology.

This advanced system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and autonomous navigation techniques to analyze CCTV sewer inspection videos and automatically generate condition rating assessments and standards-compliant reports.

SEWDEF®-AI not only improves the efficiency of sewer inspection processes, but also paves the way for accuracy and effectiveness in sewer infrastructure management.





Innovative solutions

Water sector

What was the InnoHub for the IWA 2023 digital water summit?

The InnoHub at the IWA Digital Water Summit offered a unique opportunity for companies, suppliers and startups in the water industry to present their innovative solutions and technologies.

InnoHub presentations provided a platform to showcase cutting-edge digital products, services or solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by utilities and water management organizations.

These presentations allowed companies to highlight their technological advances, demonstrate the tangible benefits their offerings bring, and enhance their credibility in the industry.

The InnoHub presentations were held outside the main Summit room and for this 2023 edition there was an exclusive stage for the InnoHub.

Digital Water Summit
Digital Water Summit

What have been the benefits of presenting at the innohub sessions at the IWA digital water summit 2023?

Presenting at the InnoHub sessions at the IWA Digital Water Summit 2023 offered several benefits for companies, suppliers and startups in the water industry. InnoHub provided a platform to showcase cutting-edge digital products, services or solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges faced by utilities and water management organizations. Let’s look at the benefits:

Technological advances

Innovative solutions and technologies were showcased, demonstrating the tangible benefits their offerings bring and improving their credibility in the industry.

Interact directly with potential clients, investors and partners

The format allowed companies to interact directly with potential customers, investors and partners who are interested in exploring new technologies and solutions for water management.

Facilitate networking and collaboration

InnoHub presentations created a space where potential customers and partners could connect with innovative solution providers, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and enabling the adoption of advanced technologies within the utilities sector.

Discover and evaluate the latest innovations

InnoHub presentations served as an opportunity to discover and evaluate the latest innovations in the water industry, providing insights into emerging trends, disruptive technologies and transformative approaches that can help companies stay ahead.

Learn more about SEWDEF and AI in sewage

Our SEWDEF service is an automatic defect detection system in sewer networks based on artificial intelligence and computer vision. Analyzes sewer network videos for defects and displays information on sewer system conditions and performance.

The benefits you will obtain are objective data to carry out good planning and prioritization of investments, preventive cleaning and maintenance work to avoid collapses, breakages or flooding during the rains.

To learn more about the SEWDEF system:

Challenges ahead

The event is designed to be the reference in digitalization for the global water sector, aimed at all stakeholders involved in the digitalization of the water sector, with a focus on business and industry.


The congress has served as a platform for experts and leaders in digital water to explore and share experiences on digital solutions and their application to address current and future challenges in the water sector.

The summit focused on showcasing innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies and success stories in water management, while providing opportunities for industry leaders, technology companies, utilities and researchers to discuss digital innovations and best practices.


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