Regarding engineering, we help to develop your projects providing experience in the following subjects:

  • Monitoring and control systems design and implementation


    • Sensors and actuators

    • μprocessors, μcontrollers, embedded systems

    • Software and/or Firmware for monitoring and control


  • Localization and autonomous navigation of mobile robots


Our localization algorithms, based on up to date literature as well as off-the-shelf methods particularly designed for each problem will provide your devices a precise 3D localization. Also, we have a deep experience in navigation algorithms and methods that will allow your robots achieve the skill of autonomous navigation.


  • Computer vision

We develop custom computer vision applications, especially suited to detect and identify characteristics of a given process and provide information for a later decision, for instance in health diagnosis.


  • Algorithm design, programming and implementation


General algorithmic design, programming and implementation in general field of automatic control. Some examples of what we can do are monitoring processes, i.e., gathering data from sensors, treat it, make calculations and provide answers. Algorithms to detect and isolate faults, control of actuators, etc. A particular implementation will boost your research or engineering projects.


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