Inloc has a vast experience in development of IT solutions and products, these solutions were initially basically focused at engineering but this evolved due to the needs of our product roadmaps, this allowed us to develop other solutions based on cloud PaaS and SaaS solutions.


An example of this is our new product for Sewer defect detection , these system combine state of art techniques for Deep Machine learning developed in core languages like C++,CUDA or OPENCL with cloud integration using both platform services as virtual machines developed in Python, NodeJS.

  • Firmware & controller development: To enhance or provide new functionalities to existing hardware

  • Data processing – statistical – modelling – AI / Deep learning: Data preparation, normalization, analysis, etc.

  • Cloud integration: Integrate data from numerous sources into cloud environments using Custom developed services and currently available PaaS solutions

  • Front end: We can create rich user experiences that adapt seamlessly into mobile and web environments, allowing end users to easily use any of the client services