Robotics applied to geriatric assessment

In October 2015 INLOC was selected as partner to ARNICA, a FP7 financed project dealing with robotics support to geriatric assessment. More information can be found either on the ECHORD++ home page or by directly contacting us. Our main role here is devoted to the implementation of computer vision based algorithms to help doctors establish a proper assessment of the elder.

This project is in progress

  • Demo at Vilanova hospital
  • 3D view of a buried pipe 6D mapping

Robotics applied to sewer inspection and mapping

In November 2015 INLOC was awarded with one of the prestigious contracts “Torres Quevedo” by the Spanish Science Ministry to work on robotics applied to sewer inspection and mapping. We are developing localization algorithms based on non-linear probabilistic optimization methods to provide accurate positioning of devices inspecting buried infrastructure.

This project is in progress

Automatic detection and classification of defects in sewer

From March 2016 INLOC started a new line of research in which a system of detection and classification of defects in sewer systems based on Deep Learning techniques is being developed. Up to now, we have obtained a success rate of 85% of defects detection and we continue working on improving such rate.

This project is in progress

  • A new pipe

HERMES Project

European funded project for the development of smart and exible freight wagons and facilities, where inloc was responsible for the development and design of wireless monitoring system for improved transport of granular multi-materials).

Esència Room Heart

Biometric Sensor integration and development that allows environment changes in sound and light adapted from the guests biometric readings.


Main consulting agreements

We are providing expert consulting services to CETAQUA, a technological research center in Barcelona depending on the AGBAR group, performing research in the water sector.