Deep learning Defect Detection System – Sewer (DLDDS)

OUR Solution – Deep learning applied to sewer pipes defect detection

¿What is it? An automatized system that analyses network sewer videos and searches for defects.

Product functionalities

Cloud analysis.

Results with images, statistics, reports, Excel, etc.

Private Access by user for network / site, permissions for operator, manager, etc.

Easy to use and totally automatized without any need of configuration by the end user.

Possibility of personalization of results so that the system can report directly to end users (logo, messages, etc.)

¿How does it work? With three easy steps the system analyses the videos and provides results…

Product screenshots


On a global scale, asset investment is huge and optimization in CAPEX and OPEX is crucial.

In particular Sewer network assets are quite old and are prone to constant deterioration

To counter possible damage, currently the sewer network is inspected and filmed through robots o network

These images are analysed manually for hours, adding in some cases additional time for report setup.

Our goal is that this analysis should be totally automated,
delivering objective results quickly and reliably.


Faster video analysis in search of defects.

Change in the way which operators work:

• It is no longer necessary to revise during the filming.
• Video can be acquired at higher speeds.

Automatic report generation and results visualization.


Cost savings in personnel that currently revise videos manually.

Objective analysis – a quick way to certify inspection tasks.

Image of modernity, possible savings for the end
user that receives the defect detection service.


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