INLOC Robotics

INLOC ROBOTICS is a SME offering solutions in the field of robotics, software and deep learning / AI and generally in the area automation and control, including sensors, actuators, embedded systems, monitoring systems, etc., providing services both in engineering and expert consulting.

We are experts in developing systems for:
  • Robot localization and autonomous navigation (with emphasis in denied GPS environments).
  • Computer vision and other ad-hoc sensors (3D localization and mapping).
  • Field data integration and analysis.
  • Cloud development using platform services.
  • IoT integration into cloud systems.
Deep learning and AI
  • Advanced recognition of images, videos & speech.
  • Advanced data analysis.

INLOC ROBOTICS has develop a new Sewer defect detection  product that allows an automated analysis of sewer network in search of defects directly from video feed with no need of human operator intervention 

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